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Made in Asia,Made in Taiwan

Updated: Apr 11

The Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning in Sweden participated in the inaugural grand celebration of Asia in Stockholm! Made in Asia belongs to Heroes, which is the largest network for popular cultural events in Europe. It is the first time Heroes hosted 'Made in Asia' in Sweden.

The event seamlessly combines food, drinks, entertainment, and all kinds of Asian culture experiences. In addition, there are captivating lectures, dance and music performances.

As representatives of Taiwan, let us embark on a memorable journey to explore our booth at the venue and discover the delightful array of culinary and interactive activities that we had on offer!

Point 1: How much do you know about Taiwan?

(After the game, you can choose from various souvenirs from Taiwan, among which fruit jelly is the most popular item.)

Do you know where the former capital city in Taiwan is? Does Taiwan have a larger population than Sweden? We had prepared 12 thought-provoking questions of varying difficulty levels, allowing participants of the event to engage in an interactive quiz for a chance to win prizes. Whether or not you have visited Taiwan, we believe that those who answered these questions gained a deeper understanding of Taiwan, and also got to learn the useful phrase 'ZaiJian' (再見). Isn't that practical?

Would you like to join such events and get to know more about the beauty of Taiwan? Don't miss our cultural exchange and language exchange activities held in autumn!

Point 2: MahJong Bingo

(There was a challenger from Hong Kong who, relying solely on self-drawn tiles, could correctly identify the tiles 90% of the time. A mahjong expert among us.)

When it comes to night market games in Taiwan, what comes to mind for you? Mahjong Bingo is definitely the most popular activity at the stalls! Participants randomly select 16 tiles from a pile of 36, with a total of 6 chances at the challenge. The objective is to line up 6 tiles in a row.

Mahjong Bingo attracted both young and old with strong gambling spirits. Some people manage to win on their first attempt, while others come back multiple times, just in order to gain the favor of Lady Luck.

Besides the easy-to-play solo Mahjong Bingo game, do you know how to play traditional Mahjong? Don't worry if you are a beginner, we will teach you how to play! Come to the Taiwan Mandarin Learning Center and play Taiwanese Mahjong with us!

Point 3: Rabbit Lanterns

(An morning goes by in an instant making rabbit lanterns, but although it is time-consuming, the sense of accomplishment after completion is excellent.)

Although we are more than halfway through the Year of the Rabbit, the sight of handheld lanterns never fails to uplift one's spirits, regardless of the time. In addition to crafting the body of the rabbit, one must meticulously assemble three wheels and a carrot handle. Be cautious the next time you decide to sit down and embark on the creation of a lantern, for once you get into the flow of things, there is no escape until the lantern is completed.

Point 4: Evolution of Words

(Allowing people to piece together the evolution of pictographic characters to modern Chinese characters on the spot, enabling them to appreciate the beauty of Chinese writing.)

Oracle bone script, which emerged during the later period of the Shang Dynasty around 1300 BCE, originated from hieroglyphs. As time progressed, hieroglyphs underwent transformations, evolving from oracle bone script to bronze inscriptions, large seal script, small seal script, and finally the traditional Chinese characters we use for writing today. The transition of these characters over thousands of years, from visually representative images to simplified strokes, is truly astonishing. Through simple games, we also let the guests piece together the evolution of characters such as 'mouth (口),' 'sun (日),' 'moon (月),' 'fish (魚),' 'horse (馬),' and 'carriage (車) ' using visual clues, while explaining the meanings behind these characters.

Although the Made in Asia event lasted only two short days, it is roughly estimated that approximately 8,000 individuals have participated in this grand gathering. It is a rare opportunity to be enveloped by the vibrant flavors of Asia while being in Europe.

Let us share a little secret: we will be meeting everyone again at the Made in Asia exhibition next year, so be sure not to miss it!

The rich diversity of Taiwanese culture cannot be fully experienced in just two days. That's why we have specially designed customized Mandarin language courses and cultural events for children and adults, providing everyone with the opportunity to learn traditional Chinese and understand Taiwanese culture.

Our autumn enrollment has begun! Click the link below to learn more information!



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