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One Lesson Payment

One Lesson Payment

已含  稅金

What's included in the One Lesson Payment? 

1. Free to borrow storybooks from Taiwan

2. Advance notice on discounts 


Illness & Makeup Lessons

1. If your child misses three classes due to illness, an extra class can be arranged by the teacher after the course ends. (The time and the type of the makeup lesson will depend on your child’s learning situation.)

2. If your child needs to call in sick, please inform the school at least two hours before the class starts.

3. If half of the children call in sick on the same day, the class will be postponed and will be held at a later date.

4. In the event of force majeure, the school will arrange a makeup class at a later date.


Registration & Refund Policy

1. The registration should be completed before the course starts.

2. The fee is not refundable after registration.

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