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Your Gateway to Taiwan in Stockholm

What is Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning (TCML)?


People aged over 18 that are interested in learning Mandarin and exploring traditional Chinese culture in Taiwan.


The courses start in February and September. We offer evening courses on weekdays and morning courses on the weekend. 


We offer a free and democratic alternative to learning Mandarin for all levels. You will learn Pinyin and traditional Chinese characters in the classes.


The classes will be held face-to-face, once a week. You will learn Mandarin in an engaging, interactive and fun way. The course materials are free of charge.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You've spend a lot of time on pronunciation but you still can’t get it right.

  • People often ask you to repeat yourself or look confused when you speak.

  • You're learning a great variety of topics and vocabularies from textbooks that don’t seem to be useful when talking to people close to you.

  • You have limited time for your studies but want to improve your listening and speaking skills with a focus on daily life situations.

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Too little time to study Mandarin?
We got you covered!


Our job is helping you learn Mandarin starting from ZERO with tailor-made content and that you can have confidence when communicating with native speakers, connecting with people around you and building your personal and professional network - even though you are busy at work and at home!

Meet our happy students
who've studied with us

Tizzy Mandarin testmonial

Til Man

From zero Mandarin to basic conversations in a few weeks? What sounded like a daring task turned out to become reality with the help of Tizzy’s outstanding teaching skills!

I had the pleasure to be her ‘xuésheng’ for a total of 30h with the aim of getting my conversational skills started before my trip to China. While I had some previous experience with native Chinese teachers, none of them compared to Tizzy’s high level of commitment, professionalism and enthusiasm.

From day 1 she perfectly tailored her teaching and material to my needs and level - and impressed me with a fun discussion on German vs. Swedish customs in the first lesson. Her engaging teaching style made me speak almost exclusively in Mandarin from the start and enabled me to make great strides towards my Mandarin goals.

I now feel well equipped to tackle the language barriers in China and hope to work with Tizzy again in the future!

Tizzy Mandarin testmonial


I had the pleasure of taking Chen Yi-Ting's class for 5 months. She's an super-motivating teacher who made learning a complex language like Chinese fun.


Her engaging manner had us chatting away in Mandarin in no time! What truly made her stand out to me was her committed, personal support.


I strongly, unhesitatingly recommend her to anyone intent on learning Chinese in Sweden.



I’ve been attending Tizzy’s language cafés and cultural events for over a year. Every event is just as fun as the last, and getting the opportunity to speak Mandarin with native speakers is a great way of keeping one’s language skills up to speed. Apart from the language itself you also learn a lot about Taiwan and the East Asian cultural sphere. My fiancée started attending Tizzy’s beginner course earlier this year and is just as satisfied as I am. Highly recommend!

Tizzy Mandarin testmonial


I briefly had Tizzy as my tutor and needless to say, I wish she was still my tutor!!

I made it clear to Tizzy that I wanted to improve my reading ability in Chinese and in our first class she exceeded my expectations; she came fully prepared with reading materials and worksheets.

During our classes, she really gave me the platform to speak and guided me on how to answer complicated questions related to the reading material. Tizzy really pushed me to answer questions in a meaningful way, while at times challenging, it paid dividends for my Chinese.

She also helped me with my tones while reading out loud and she was very adept at explaining vocabulary.


To this day, I still ask Tizzy when she will go back to Taiwan, so that I can take her class again!

TCML courses

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New Student Discount : Sign up and get a 10% discount on any course(Discount Code: newtcml)

Group discount : Register with a friend for any course and get a 10% discount (Discount code: group24)

1. You can only choose one type of discounts for your course.  2. Each discount is single use.  3. The discounts are only valid for the One-Time Payment. 4.The school has the right to edit or terminate the discounts.

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