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We think that Tizzy is attentive, pedagogical and take very good care of children.

We can warmly recommend Tizzy.

Ulf, Uppsala

parent of Kai-Li (9 yrs old)

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Tizzy is very good at doing creative and fun exercises that captures Ingrid's interest.

With a shorter time perspective each lesson stimulates Ingrid in many ways such as creativity, motor skills and patience.

Erik & Maria, Nacka

parents of Ingrid (3 yrs old)


Tizzy carefully designs her teaching plans so that they are suitable for different ages and makes exquisite and unique learning materials. Children get to learn the language through “playing and doing ”with her. These are the three reasons why I highly recommend Tizzy! 

Ashley, Lidingö

parent of Fiona (6 yrs old)

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Tizzy uses another method to stimulate children’s interest in learning the language.
The Chinese lessons that Elise took before were very boring and repetitive, therefore it was hard to get Elise to go to the lessons.


Then Elise started with Tizzy, I have not had any problems making her go to Mandarin class.


Tizzy listens to and cares about the students and I warmly recommend her to you.

Ivy, Stockholm

parent of Elise (9 yrs old)

Welcome! Välkommen! 歡迎!
Tommy, Sweden
Kjell & Ingmar, Sweden
Sebastian, Sweden
Joel, England
Juni, Canada
Tilman, Germany
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