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2023 Autumn Bubble Tea Group

Let your child be inspired to learn Mandarin!

learn chinese in stockholm children

This course is for...

  • children who understand basic words/phrases in Mandarin and want to improve their speaking skills.

  • you who want to help your child develope interest and motivation in learning Mandarin

  • you who wish to encourage your child to speak Mandarin in his/her daily life.

  • you who would like your child to experience play-based Mandarin courses.

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Class Dates & Time

Class dates:

9/4, 9/11, 9/18, 9/25, 10/2, 10/9, 10/16, 10/23, 11/6, 11/13

Time: Mondays, 16:00 - 17:30


1. Autumn Break: No class on week 44

2. Autumn semester closing ceremony: Saturday, 12/9

3. Download the learning content to check the level of this group. 

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  • Make introductions

  • Talk about one's age & birthdate

  • Number of members in a family

  • Talk about one's nationality & where one lives

  • Understand cultural differences

  • Recognize simple Chinese characters

learn chinese in stockholm children

Why Us?

The class is in a small group, so that your child has more opportunities to interact with the other children and the teacher in Mandarin.

It is child-centered learning. The course content is based on children's personality and interest.

The course aims to stimulate your child's interest and effective learning of the language.

The course content is to cultivate your child’s cross-cultural communicative skills, enhancing their learning achievements and encourage their practical application of the Mandarin skills.

Tizzy carefully designs her teaching plans so that they are suitable for different ages and makes exquisite and unique learning materials. Children get to learn the language through “playing and doing ”with her. These are the three reasons why I highly recommend Tizzy! 

Ashley, Lidingö

Not sure if this course suits your child?

Contact us and tell us what you need

The fee is not refundable after registration. If you have any questions, please contact us before you sign up. We offer a free one-on-one consultation and evaluation. 

learn chinese in stockholm kids.jpg

Hi, I am Tizzy!


Every child learns differently, so course design and content should be child-centeredThe teacher's main task is to assist the students in their learning

I think the first impression of Mandarin class is very important for children. When children have fun learning Mandarin at an early stage, they will develop a habit of using the language actively. If the momeories of learning Mandarin are positive for children, the learning journey can be longer

Children explore and learn through play. In Mandarin classes, they need professional teachers to integrate activities and games into the learning process. Even within a limited time frame, children can attain efficient language learning if the teacher helps them learn Mandarin naturally.

Illness & Makeup Lessons


If your child misses three classes due to illness, an extra class can be arranged by the teacher after the course ends. (The time and the type of the makeup lesson will depend on your child’s learning situation.)


If half of the children call in sick on the same day, the class will be postponed and will be held at a later date.


If your child needs to call in sick, please inform the school at least two hours before the class starts.


In the event of force majeure, the school will arrange a makeup class at a later date.

Registration & Refund Policy


The registration should be completed before the course starts.


The fee is not refundable after registration.

Early bird discount: Register before May 28th and get a 10% discount for any course (Discount code: early23)
Family discount: If two family members register for any Mandarin courses, there is a discount of 10% (Discount code: family23)

1. You can only choose one type of discounts for your autumn course.  2. Each discount is single use.  3. The discounts are only valid for the One-Time Payment.  4.The school has the right to edit or terminate the discounts.

Choose Your Pricing Plan

One Lesson Payment

375 SEK

Pay for one class at a time

  • A 10% discount for Taiwanese DIY kid's kits

  • Free to borrow storybooks from Taiwan

  • Advance notice on discounts 

Recurring Payments

1, 747 SEK

Pay once a month for two months

  • Free online Mandarin learning resources

  • Free seasonal Taiwanese DIY kid's kits

  • Free to join school online classroom

  • Free to borrow storybooks from Taiwan

  • Advance notice on discounts 

  12% off!  
One-Time Payment

3,075 SEK

Pay once with a discount

  • Free online Mandarin learning resources

  • Free seasonal Taiwanese DIY kid's kits (children up to 10 year-olds)

  • Free to join school online classroom

  • Free to borrow storybooks from Taiwan

  • ​Advance notice on discounts 

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