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2024 Summer Taiwan Study Tour

The 2024 Summer Taiwan Study Tour is now open for registration!


This study tour will immerse everyone in the warmth of southern Taiwan, from every gathering to every class, and the rich and colorful activities after class, all-round enhancing your or your children's language, communication, soft skills, and enjoying endless learning fun.


Don’t miss the chance to discover the beauty of Taiwan and Mandarin this summer! Welcome to Taiwan!

2024 taiwan study tour.png
Taiwan study tour.jpg


July 1st - 15th


Student Eligibility

Adult students and

children aged seven and above


  • Morning language classes

  • Afternoon cultural classes 

  • Off-campus visits

(Adults and children are divided into separate classes)

Cultural Classes

Immerse yourself in Taiwan's rich cultural tapestry!

sugar painting.png

Sugar Painting

Using sugar as the material and wooden sticks as brushes, bringing everyone back to the memories of childhood as a Taiwanese.

round fan.png

Ink Wash Painting on Round Fan

The class will introduce everyone to ink wash painting as we paint our own fans together.


Buddy Activity

Take the light rail with a study buddy and explore Kaohsiung together! Let the locals show you the beauty of Kaohsiung.


Off-Campus Visits

Explore captivating cultural treasures on an immersive tour!



The calligrapher Chen Shih-hsien showcases Taiwanese stories and local landscapes through alternative styles of calligraphy.

This is Taiwan's largest open-air museum. Experience crafting your own handcrafted glass bead jewelry!


You will have the opportunity to try traditional craftsmanship, such as making oil-paper umbrellas, wheel throwing pottery or grinding tea by hand, and other engaging DIY activities.


Deposit : NT 10,000

Application deadline :

Swedish time 22 : 00, 

Mar. 15th, 2024

2 / Business Hotel : Approximately NT 31,486

Note : 


1. The fees include accommodations, courses, teaching materials, visits and expenses required during the camp period. 

2. The fees do not include plane tickets and personal expenses.

2024 taiwan study tour.png

2024 Summer Study Tour in Taiwan

Join us for an unforgettable summer camp experience in Southern Taiwan!

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