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learn chinese in stockholm children kid

Lil' Tizzy Mandarin

Mandarin courses for 2-12 year-olds in Stockholm

Struggling to find a Mandarin course for your child

in Stockholm?


You wish to give your child an opportunity to learn a new language that opens many possibilities in the future.


You are non-Mandarin speaking parents and you are looking for a course for your child. However, most courses are designed for kids that already know some Mandarin because they have Mandarin speaking parents.


You have lived in a Mandarin speaking country before and your child learned some Mandarin at a local school. You want your child to retain the language and need some support to improve their Mandarin.


Your child is learning Mandarin but you find it is hard to get him/her to the class because the lessons are not stimulating and interesting.

Hello Moms & Dads!

Our job is helping your child learn and improve their Mandarin

with confidence and joy!

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Our teachers have experience teaching children from both non Mandarin speaking families and Mandarin bilingual families.

Parents often come to us saying they have difficulties making their child go to Mandarin classes or that they don't know how to help their children learn at home. Don't worry! We got you covered! 

We offer courses based on your child's needs and interests. Having fun when learning is always the core concept in our courses.

What is Lil' Tizzy Mandarin?


We create...

Stockholm's best Mandarin lessons for your child

Young Kids in Class


We offer...

engaging activities, diverse materials, educational toys and story books

Daycare Center


We help...

your child learn to speak Mandarin from scratch

Mom and Kids Painting Together


Learning through playing!

Confidence-boosting tasks for your child

Kids Raising Hands In Classroom
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Tizzy uses another method to stimulate children’s interest in learning the language.

The Chinese lessons that Elise took before were very boring and repetitive, therefore it was hard to get Elise to go to the lessons.


Then Elise started with Tizzy, I have not had any problems making her go to Mandarin class.


Tizzy listens to and cares about the students and I warmly recommend her to you.

Ivy, Stockholm
parent of Elise

"Tizzy is challenging and stimulating Ingrid in many ways, not only in teaching Mandarin. Her exercises are creative, fun and educational. Ingrid is enjoying them very much!

Erik & Maria, Nacka
parents of Ingrid

learn chinese mandarin in stockholm kids.jpg
67927335_516997022387082_2971193053215195136_n (1).jpg

We think that Tizzy is attentive, pedagogical and take very good care of children.

We can warmly recommend Tizzy.

Ulf,  Uppsala
parent of Kai-Li

"Tizzy carefully designs her teaching plans so that they are suitable for different ages and makes exquisite and unique learning materials. Children get to learn the language through “playing and doing ”with her. These are the three reasons why I highly recommend Tizzy! "

Ashley, Lidingö

parent of Fiona

learn chinese in stockholm children kid kinesiska.jpg
See more testimonials and reviews here 

Your child will be able to...

speak basic Mandarin words & phrases

develop a strong interest in learning Mandarin!

Speak Mandarin naturally

develop motor skills


everyday words & phrases in Mandarin

Check out the latest courses

Early bird discount Register before May 24th and get a 10% discount for any course (Discount code: early24)

1. The discount is single use.  2. The discount is only valid for the One-Time Payment. 3.The school has the right to edit or terminate the discount.

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 Fully booked! 

Toddler Group

​(2 - 4 yrs old)

tizzy mandarin course kids.jpg


Mango Ice Group

​(6 - 8 yrs old)

learn chinese in stockholm children kid kinesiska.jpg


Pineapple Cake Group

​(4 - 6 yrs old)

learn chinese mandarin kids summer camp.jpg


Bubble Tea Group

(7 - 11 yrs old)

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